Hello all!

Ever been amazed? Those reflect my current feelings as I write to you. I am amazed that students will walk 1-2 miles out in the middle of  the Prairie to come to Youth meetings.

I am amazed at the hunger a 16 year old girl has for the Lord at the Wednesday night youth outreach we are leading out on the Plains. You  can plainly see it in her eye’s.

I am amazed that we have the opportunity to lead at least 3 VBS’ this Summer, possibly 4 . Kids will hear about God’s love and plan for  their lives.

I am amazed that God has provided for our financial support in a  crazy economy.

Thanks to all who are praying and supporting us financially.

This month is going to be wild!

June 7th-13th we are headed to Nebraska and Indiana to visit family, donors and present our mission work to the kids and adults at Kirklin Christian Church in Indiana. That same week we are going to finish up our training In Philadelphia.

We return home to two weeks of VBS outreaches in a Colorado Springs neighborhood and spread out communities out on the plains.

Then the baby comes. Danae is due July 11th. 

Thanks again. We always appreciate your prayers


Jeremy, Danae, and Maranatha

Rodeo Queen


I’d say, Maranatha was pretty confident and secure for her first ride as a Colorado Rodeo Queen. I am praying that she will carry on this same type of confidence and security found in Jesus for the future that awaits her. What is the future going to hold for Maranatha, your kids and grandkids? All I know is that it will be strikingly different from the world we know, especially for followers of Jesus. Standing up for Jesus is going to cost more than it ever has here in the good Old USA. Much more is going to be required of their faith. Standing up for truth and issues like the sanctity
of life, and marriage between a man and a women could force a toll on the lives of those called to be salt and light.
Be praying for Christians in the medical field, as they could be forced to go against their personal ethics in order to keep their jobs. A protection they have enjoyed since Roe V Wade. Check out
Look in the news the signs are already here.
I can’t encourage you enough to invest in your child through:

– Reading the Bible and praying with your kids
– Interceding through prayer on behalf of your kids that they will carry Christ through to the end.
– Talking regularly about issues in the world and how that relates to truth as we know it from God. (Be sensitive with age)
-Letting them see you take a stand for absolute truth as issues come up
Just passionate about reaching kids for the Savior and equipping them to be the Spiritual Champions of tomorrow.

Love Jeremy and Danae and of course Maranatha!