We just finished up our first Summer of outreach as AMF missionaries. What a Summer it was as we led  4 VBS’. From the rural plains with manufactured and mobile homes as far as they eye can see to two Colorado Springs neighborhoods with homes valued at over a half a million. These were areas ripe for ministry to kids through Vacation Bible School. We used a Church building, two homes and a beautiful community center to hold all four VBS’. From dodging cactus, playing games in the Colorado dirt out on the plains to being wary of getting new carpet dirty in a Community room where the neighborhood is less than 5 years old. 

The areas we ministered to had a lot of variety but the souls we ministered to were so much the same. They all posses a need to know Jesus Christ as their Savior. Every single one of them has areas in their heart that is YUCKY. We explained to the children that although they do good things there hearts can be selfish at times, going their own way disobeying God and their parents. We are all the same in that we need a Savior whether you live in an affluent family or out in the sticks. 

Altogether we saw 4 kids respond to a call to follow Jesus. 

The Summer outreaches are important in that it provides open doors for further ongoing ministry. 

This Fall we are going to pursue  ministry through an After-school program in a rural housing development called Rancho. The school is called Prairie Heights Elementary. We are praying for big impact. The last two weeks we have had 7 kids come, which is exciting for us in that a month ago we knew only 3 people there who were over the age of 65. 

Other news. A school board member at the Lake George Charter school (in the mountains) with out our knowing got approval from the board for us to start a children’s ministry there at the school. Last week we saw 8 kids attend. 

Ministry resumes in Hanover to youth and children on Wednesdays. 

Pray for safety in our traveling, and sensitivity on our part with our kids who have been doing alot traveling. 

It looks like Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and Sundays are the biggest travel days for us. 

Enjoying the Lord, amazed that He would use us

In Him 

Jeremy and Danae