the timeline of eternity

If you created a timeline from Anchorage, Alaska to Brownsville, Texas it would be over 4,500 miles long. Let’s say this line from the southern most tip of Texas to way far north is the timeline of eternity. I know it doesn’t do us any justice because the magnitude of eternity is beyond us. Perspective comes when you realize your grand entrance and unknown exit takes up the space of nothing more than a tiny little pebble stuck on the bottom of your shoe. That’s your place on this giant timeline. The timeline of eternity. Just a pebble, barely noticeable, but an opportunity nevertheless. 

The point is we are not here very long. Certainly not long enough to spend your whole life trying to figure out why in the world we are here in the first place. My life is the like the tiny Eastern Colorado towns on the Plains where if you blink you will miss it. 

Time is ticking away. At the age of thirty two my pebble is nearing the half way point if I am to live the average life of the American male, which is currently 76 years of age. 

I want it to count!

So I have taken a risk

I have placed my whole pebble existence on Jesus. I believe He is my creator, author of this short story called my life. That He has plans for my existence. 

I am risking all that I have (which is not very much as far as time goes) to live out His plans for me. 

I am finding out the risk taking continues. 

I am told by the One who holds my destiny to give it all away. 

Like what? 

my money, 

my time investments- Being at the disposal of others and the call of Jesus 

my pride so my relationships with others can actually be the way they ought to be 

my interest- thinking about others over myself 

shyness- Lost people can’t just see your good life they also have got to hear from you the reason you believe what you believe 

So much more

What have we got to lose. It’s only a pebble’s worth of existence. I have already gained all that I will ever need found in Christ. 

Take the risk of trusting and following Jesus for your little pebbles life!

Nothing to lose everything to gain!