Holy Discomfort

I am amazed at how God is working through our prayers. We travel to wide open rural areas on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week to lead outreaches to children and youth in two schools and a church building. The kids we are reaching in two of those regions are unchurched. 

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings are hours of great work. Those are days I like to get up early and spend time with God before the noise and responsibilities of the day. My prayers and time with the Lord always seem to lead into a place of holy discontentment or discomfort. I am faced with the burden of lurking questions in my mind. 

1. Are we making a bit of difference in these kids’ lives?

2. The money spent traveling to these areas is it worth it? 

3. Are these kids going to simply walk away from their faith when they get older like 88% of college students do when they have left the home? 

4. Will these kids be interested enough to come back?

Satan, the adversary may be intending these doubts to wreck our drive and motivation but the Lord is using it for good. 

As a result of these feelings of doubt I have been seeking the Lord to simply show up at our meetings. To reveal Himself, to draw near, engage, and transform young hearts for His purposes. Oh how we want the power of God to send a great awakening in the hearts of rural Colorado youth.
I can’t stand to see us travel to these places of outreach weekly and not be prepared through the greatest work of prayer. Believe me we have led with out the blessing of deep heartfelt intercession over the souls of these young lives. For great impact we need tools. Prayer is our greatest most effective tool. 

The Church in America is seeing the results of attempted spiritual impact without the blood and sweat that comes from knocking on the doors of heaven called prayer.

May it be said of us, that we were faithful in prayer. That many actions took place in heaven because of our broken cries before God to simply intervene on our behalf.

Our greatest work is prayer. May it ever be wrought out through Holy Discomfort