A Unforeseen Need Being Met

Today was our second after-school outreach called ‘Impact Kids’ at a local apartment complex called Green Tree Village.
In the heart of what is supposed to be the heart of evangelical Christianity, the city of Colorado Springs that is (because of several ministry headquarters stationed here but one of the most unchurched cities of it’s size in the country) a girl ¬†before snack time today raises her hand and asks Danae, “what is Jesus?”
We’ve been licking our ‘go tell it on the mountain’ chops ever since.
There is nothing better than to tell a bunch of multi housing unit students who have little clue about God, that He is the real deal, He is their creator, has a plan for them and wants to have a friendship with them.
Tomorrow is no different. We travel 40 minutes to rural Rancho and lead an Impact kids in their tiny school. The kids of the spread out mobile home community are no different they too ask very basic questions about God. One sensitive girl asked, “Will God forgive me?”
Been hibernating in your Christian box a little to much that you miss out on the joys of hungry, eager people who really want to know what God is all about?
To be honest I am not sure who is benefiting more, the kids who are hearing about Christ for the first time or we the messengers, who have been clueless ourselves as to the simple innocent questions kids have about God.
They need Christ, we’ve needed them.
Man, I love this Job!