The Magnet

I recently went to check up on the after-school ministry that we had handed over to local leaders in Lake George. What would I see since handing it over two months ago? I must admit I was a little nervous. I was wondering if any of the kids we ministered to there were still coming. Did the leaders have the necessary resources to do their job?

What I felt that day must have been what the apostle Paul must have felt when He saw that the Lord was indeed working in the lives of people that made up the churches he planted. That day I heard kids sing heartfelt songs of worship; I saw the evidence of a well prepared teacher, who was engaging her students; I saw excitement in the eyes of the kids who were there; I saw kids being challenged in their faith with personal faith questions from the leader. I saw eighteen kids in a group that had started with just a few last fall.

Best of all, I saw God working in the life of a kid by the name of Luke. Two months ago he wanted nothing to do with the Lord, and certainly not Impact Kids after-school club. He resisted the invitations to come. I was amazed to see him there. I found out that two weeks ago he asked for a Bible. That day, he drew a picture of a magnet during the lesson. When asked to describe his picture he said, “Maybe God is using a magnet to draw me to Him.”  Praise God for the work of the Holy Spirit!