IN 2010 We Saw

* An estimated 105 different kids attend at least one of our
regular weekly ministries.

* Four new ministries were formed (Green Tree apt., and Bristol Elementary school Impact Kids Outreach, Danae’s Princess party ministry to girls, and a Tuesday night prayer meeting)

* 12 conversions to Christ

* 9 opportunities to preach or share our mission work with churches

* Doors open to lead 5 VBS’ and organize another 4 for a visiting AMF team. We saw an estimated 95 students attend using over 15 volunteers.

A New Goal for the New Year

I am always looking ahead to the next project. I pride myself in strategy, developing ways to start a new outreach in our region. This past Fall I felt sure God was leading us into starting another apartment complex ministry in city’s crime ridden southeast side. I pushed our way into talking to three different managers of multi-housing units, but to no avail. One of them said, “No, not interested!” Another, after several failed attempts to even speak with a director, I finally concluded the Lord, must be saying no.

Danae and I following the disappointing results felt led to start a Tuesday night prayer meeting in our home. We were being called to sit and wait and let the Lord lead (Acts 13:1-3) We called friends to join us, as we sought out God to establish another work in our city. The first evening that we prayed, a gal attending spoke of a conversation she had with her daughter’s school principal. She explained with excitement in her voice how he had a burden for the kids that were attending, and that he prays daily for his school. He even invited her to a mom’s prayer meeting each week.

‘Ah, ha an open door!’. It wasn’t long before we concluded that God might be opening a door for a new work at what will be our third public school ministry beginning January 12th at Bristol elementary school

A goal of mine for 2011 is to do more seeking, listening and waiting for God to act, versus shoving my way into possibilities that are outside what He is wanting to do. In what areas of your life do you need to simply need to do more seeking, listening and waiting?