Prayer Request

Would you pray for our four Impact Kids ministries. (Lake George, Rancho, Bristol Elementary and Green Tree apartments) Pray in this way:

In every one of these communities are transient families that come and go. We want every kid whom the Lord will draw to have a chance at salvation before they become hardened by the world.

Pray that God would appoint, ordained and draw specific kids to these meetings to hear the plan of salvation.

Also we examine needs around us there are adults in Rancho that seem interested in the new Samoan Church starting in the rural
Rancho area. (There is a group of ethnic Samoans who live in Colo. Spgs, who want to worship according to their traditions. They purchased cheap land in Rancho and have begun meeting there. We attended one of their services. They are a welcoming and loving people however 60% of their service was in Samoan) A new church building there has brought a spiritual interest on behalf of some of the parents whose Kids attend Impact Kids.

Is the Lord leading us to start a Bible study out there? Pray for the Lord will lead us in what to do.

Another part of our Job Description

We are called to work with Kids. There has been no greater joy than to see unchurched students hear and grasp concepts of the gospel. Another part of our job description as AMF missionaries (At least what I added to it) is to connect rural pastors with each other.

Last Wednesday I logged in over 150 miles on Interstate and rural county roads attempting to connect two rural pastors that minister within 30 miles (30 miles is nothing out on the Eastern plains of Colorado) from each other. They had never met. Before our Impact Kids meeting that after-noon I picked one of them up south of Colorado Springs and drove east to introduce him to a young pastor young enough to be his son. Was the 150 miles worth it? It was evident from the get go as the Spirit of Christ united these two spiritual shepherds who minister to sheep on the prairie. They chatted about everything from pressing ministry issues and concerns in their church to personal needs. I just sat there next to them and shot the breeze letting them dig into each others lives while I relaxed in a available recliner inside the church parsonage.

Rural pastors in areas like Eastern Colorado can be isolated. It’s not good for Christ’ shepherds to be alone. Pray their bond will grow behind a single visit. Pray others will join their fellowship.