What God do you Serve?

In the parking lot of the ‘Green Tree Village Apts’ just prior to a Christmas party we were to put on that night, a boy by the name of Zaaid, asked me, “My mom wants to know what God you worship?” To be honest I was a little dumbfounded by the seriousness of the question but finally managed to spit out an answer, that seemed to satisfy his question, but left me wanting to share more.

It’s a blast pulling the curtain back on the Indescribable God of the Bible for students who have never heard the children’s song, ‘Jesus Loves Me’. I guesstimate upwards to 85% of kids we share the Lord with don’t go to church. You can be sure that this is no longer your mom and dad’s Christian America. How important it is to make Jesus known to the most secular generation this country has ever seen. Thanks to all who support this ministry and to those who have thought about supporting this mission we would love to have you come aboard to partner in reaching kids for Christ.

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Jeremy and Danae Hoyt are american missionaries with InFaith. They live in the Pueblo area of Colorado. They have a passion to reach forgotten neighborhoods with Jesus, using Impact Kids Clubs, Gospel Communities and Neighborhood chaplaincy.

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