Conspiracy Theorist and the Prince of Peace

So Many Like Sid

It doesn’t take long for you to figure out what makes Sid tick. Sid is a student of History and takes a bent towards the side of ‘Conspiracy’ as I found out sitting across from him at a local ‘Truck Stop’. The conversation of how ‘we are being set up’ for total takeover from outside threats could go on for hours. Pray for the peace of Christ in this man’s life and in addition help with basic needs. It seems many people we visit with are restless concerning the future and need to experience the Prince of Peace, the Lord Jesus!

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About Jeremy

Jeremy and Danae Hoyt are american missionaries with InFaith. They live in the Pueblo area of Colorado. They have a passion to reach forgotten neighborhoods with Jesus, using Impact Kids Clubs, Gospel Communities and Neighborhood chaplaincy.

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