Steps to Really Break the Grip of Unforgiveness, Part 1

We love eating eggs in our house on any given morning in the Hoyt household! The hard work comes after breakfast is finished and we have egg to scrape off the pan. If we don’t use oil on our old cast iron skillet the eggs stick! It really isn’t much fun to clean off egg with a wimpy wash cloth, we need something potent like those stainless steal pads you can buy at Walmart to more effectively scrape off egg residue that sticks. .

We all will struggle with people who are hard to forgive. We get resentful, we get bitter, we act in anger over them. We confess these struggles to the Lord, we seek his help in getting rid of these negative feelings we have towards these people, but our struggle with these people just stick to our very core and can be hard to scour out of our lives.

One day I protested to God, “All I want is freedom from being resentful. I want  release from the feelings surrounding this person. I feel in bondage, all day I can’t get this person off my mind. It is overtaking me, Lord by your Spirit break the grip of this relational strife that keeps me from breaking away.”

I was having a difficult time working through some hard feelings with someone in the ministry. My friend David Sanford, who is a 80 plus year old missionary, came to the rescue during one of our many coffee chats at a local Panera Bread! We met many times during the months I was struggling. One challenge he made that really helped me begin to chip away at the negative, resentful cling was to repetitiously tell the Lord, ‘thank you for bringing this person into my life’. I had to believe Jesus allowed this person to enter into my space because God was using that person to form me into the image of Christ.

I took the challenge, though not easily but not only did I begin to feel freedom from my resentment, but I found out there was a couple of assets the individual brought to the table that I began to be grateful for.

A Grip Breaking Step – Repeatedly and in detail thank the Lord for the People who make Life the hardest.

Stay Tuned for more steps!


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Jeremy and Danae Hoyt are american missionaries with InFaith. They live in the Pueblo area of Colorado. They have a passion to reach forgotten neighborhoods with Jesus, using Impact Kids Clubs, Gospel Communities and Neighborhood chaplaincy.

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