Can you imagine?

Kids from a trailer court being apart of a touring children’s choir making Christ known all over the Pikes Peak region of Colorado?

Can you imagine a group of at risk girls finding value in themselves as God’s princesses through a young girls Bible study?

Can you imagine a group of 9 year old boys praying over a world map asking God to send missionaries to China or a county like Cambodia?

Can you imagine a tween girl leading a bible study on her campus during recess at school?

Can you imagine kids leading their friends to Christ impacting a whole school?

These are just a few dreams we are wanting to imagine as we outreach to children in the forgotten places of the Pikes Peak region of Colorado. Never before do we need a generation of world changers that will influence an increasingly secular culture like we find ourselves living in today. We believe children living in the small towns, apartment complexes, and trailer courts will become the next Josiah’s of their generation. Josiah became King of Judah at the age of 8. In his twenties he was responsible for producing massive reforms that changed the spiritual climate of His day. (For more on King Josiah read 2 Kings 22,23)

We are about raising up a generation of Josiah’s in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado

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