Conspiracy Theorist and the Prince of Peace

So Many Like Sid

It doesn’t take long for you to figure out what makes Sid tick. Sid is a student of History and takes a bent towards the side of ‘Conspiracy’ as I found out sitting across from him at a local ‘Truck Stop’. The conversation of how ‘we are being set up’ for total takeover from outside threats could go on for hours. Pray for the peace of Christ in this man’s life and in addition help with basic needs. It seems many people we visit with are restless concerning the future and need to experience the Prince of Peace, the Lord Jesus!

What God do you Serve?

In the parking lot of the ‘Green Tree Village Apts’ just prior to a Christmas party we were to put on that night, a boy by the name of Zaaid, asked me, “My mom wants to know what God you worship?” To be honest I was a little dumbfounded by the seriousness of the question but finally managed to spit out an answer, that seemed to satisfy his question, but left me wanting to share more.

It’s a blast pulling the curtain back on the Indescribable God of the Bible for students who have never heard the children’s song, ‘Jesus Loves Me’. I guesstimate upwards to 85% of kids we share the Lord with don’t go to church. You can be sure that this is no longer your mom and dad’s Christian America. How important it is to make Jesus known to the most secular generation this country has ever seen. Thanks to all who support this ministry and to those who have thought about supporting this mission we would love to have you come aboard to partner in reaching kids for Christ.

The Discipline of Getting FAT

After graduating from high school at a measly 128 pounds, skin and bones, with a metabolism as high as the ‘Empire State Building’ and now feeling it cave into ‘the new normal’, I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘FAT’. No, not the ever increasing waste line that gets no love but a spiritual discipline that I want to be known for: A virtuous undertaking of being, Faithful, Available and Teachable in ministry to the un-churched.

Faithful, dependable, always there as a conduit of Jesus’ life

Available in being used to care for people. Pray for 4 men that I am currently connecting with on a Spiritual basis

Teachable, willing to listen to those who have way more maturity than me.

“To this end I labor struggling with all His power which so powerfully works in me.”
Colossians 1:29

Donuts and the Human Heart

Kaleb has been causing chaos for us all year at the Impact Kids afterschool ministry. He has been disruptive, aggressive towards his friends and has been in countless timeouts including being suspended from the ministry for 2 weeks.
A few weeks ago, we provided ‘discounted powered donuts’ for the kids. I wanted to equate the holes we see in donuts to the holes we have in our heart. Everyone wants to fill and satisfy that emptiness. We explained to the students the different ways we attempt to do that (drugs, alcohol, friends, electronics, etc.)
We told them that a friendship with Jesus is the only way for the hole to be filled. When we come to Him we find peace, joy, freedom, forgiveness, and ultimately Heaven.
Kaleb, came to me a few minutes after the lesson, wanting to add something to the lesson. He shared that Jesus wants to fill loneliness too. I agreed.
I asked Kaleb if he would like Jesus to fill his heart and have forgiveness of sins. He agreed, we prayed together, he invited the One who can satisfy his deep needs to fill the hole in his heart.
Pray that:
* the soil of his heart is prepared for growth
* he will follow through with his desire to be in church
* protection from the Enemy
* he will communicate with this friends and family the decision he has made.

“What do you guys do again?”

I have never heard someone outright say it, but I know they are thinking it when we introduce ourselves and the ministry we are involved in. I think there are days where I ask myself the same question, “What are you doing again?”

Here is a snap shot of our mission and vision as field staff with InFaith- a mission that seeks to reach the unchurched of America.
•Live and outreach where the church isn’t
•Partner with churches to be an expression of Christ in areas where the lost live
•Engage kids with the gospel who otherwise might never be exposed to it.

Praise God, He has placed us in 3 Public Schools and an apartment complex where we have the opportunity to minister after-school to un-churched kids. In addition He has given us a home where we can invite families over for dinner and have discussions about the Bible in a rural community where there is no English speaking Church.